Kissing Scene 4 Part 3

This is a continuation from Kissing Scene 4 Part 1 and Kissing Scene 4 Part 2. Click on the links to get caught up!

He expected her to scream, or to be slightly startled, but she just stopped chewing and looked straight at him. He was the only one that was startled.

She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. They were clear and alert, taking in Continue reading


Kissing Scene 4 Part 1

He ran through a patch of trees as arrows thudded deep into their bark. One had already hit him in the arm near his elbow. Blood flowed in a steady trickle down his hand leaving a crimson trail behind him. He sprinted across a small grass field in between the patches of oak trees. If he made it to the other side he knew there would be no way that they would catch him.  Continue reading