How to Use Scrivener to Format an e-Book for Kindle and Nook

Looking Forward to this! I’ve got something in the works, just like all you aspiring writers.

Writing Is Hard Work

You all know how I feel about Scrivener, but it is truly the best program for novelists out there.  For $49 it’s a steal and it is really not that complicated to use.  Today I thought I would show you how to format a Kindle .mobi file and an .epub file that is used on most other digital readers.

First thing is front matter. In the Scrivener “binder” which is the cool side bar on the left of your document, you have a place to insert front matter for an e-book.  This will include the copyright page, the title page and maybe a dedication.  Don’t bother with the cover art because you simply upload that file separately when you fill out the step by step on Amazon or Nook or Smashwords’s website.  You should get a front matter pull down tab in the binder and it should have an “e-book”…

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Kissing Scene 5 Part 1

The summer sun had been beating down on their skin since the hunt began. Both of the hunters were parched and neither had eaten anything since last night. Their feet were tired from traveled miles and stepped on thorns. Neither one was in a good mood, but they needed to bring food back to their village. This dry season was exceptionally long; the whole area was beginning to feel the effects of the heat. With most of the animals leaving for greener pastures, the village was having a hard time catching any food.  Continue reading

Kissing Scene 4 Part 1

He ran through a patch of trees as arrows thudded deep into their bark. One had already hit him in the arm near his elbow. Blood flowed in a steady trickle down his hand leaving a crimson trail behind him. He sprinted across a small grass field in between the patches of oak trees. If he made it to the other side he knew there would be no way that they would catch him.  Continue reading

My First Encounter With “The Wall”

This is not a short story. I just want you to know this up front. This is going to be a bitch fest.

I had my first day of my new job was today. I’m a “bagger” at my local grocery store. It should pay the bills. I got off of work at 9:30pm tonight. I had my first opportunity to write just now at 11:20pm. Normally it wouldn’t be an issue, but I have to walk to class at 8:00am tomorrow morning, which means I have to wake up at 7:00am.

I’ll call this my first real interaction with “The Wall,” that intangible force that always seems to come against you at some point or another. I know I’m not the first, nor will I be the last, person that has experienced hitting the wall. In an environment of authors, bloggers, and creative artists I know I’m preaching to the choir. I apologize.

Although The Wall may have won the battle, I have still won the war. I wrote. This post may not be fiction, it may not even be fun to read, but to me this post is a sign of defiance, a refusal to quit when my circumstances and desires come against me in full force. I won’t let The Wall or any other excuse keep me from practicing what I love.

If anybody is in a similar situation try to remember that defiance against circumstance can, in some situations, still be considered a victory.


Good luck and keep improving,


Kissing Scene 3

I couldn’t help but look around in awe. The trees looked so beautiful as the light shimmered through the gaps in the leaves. It was April, and the flowers were in full bloom throughout the undergrowth of the forest. Thistles, eager to grab at my skin and clothes, stood defiantly upright, proud to show off their purple flowers. The floating seeds of recently bloomed dandelions floated on the breeze, turning bright golden when they were covered with the sun’s rays. Continue reading

Week in Review – First Week of February

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not a Broncos fan so I wasn’t that happy with the ending, but to be honest I don’t really care that much for foot ball.

Weekly reviews like this one will be how I “grade” my progress. These will be shorter than most posts, but I think that reflection on one’s actions is a vital task when trying to improve. These will be broken down by story and will list what I feel like I need the most work on for the future, but they will also list something that I did well in that story. So without delay… Continue reading

Kissing Scene 2 Continued


Continued from “Kissing Scene 2

She rolled her eyes, but accepted his offer and walked inside. Once inside they were greeted by the host and escorted to their table. When Robert called to make the reservations he was very specific about the seating. To his delight, the instructions were followed perfectly. Instead of the three usual tables that sat under the large window, there was just a single table. The table had two ornate wooden chairs and was covered with a robin’s egg blue table cloth.  The only thing on the tablecloth was a small vase containing a single white iris. Continue reading

What the Future Will Hold

Hello everyone!

This is Ben again. This post is not going to have a fictional story in it unfortunately. It’s a dissapointing truth, but as a fledgling blogger/blog I need to work on creating an asthetically pleasing blogging environment with fluid posts and relevant widgets. Having very little experience with WordPress means that I have much to learn. Tweaking with blog settings, experimenting with reader breakes, trying to create or commission a logo all takes time away from writing. But have faith! I’ll be back on the fiction train in no time.  (Still gotta finish Kissing Scene 2 :X )  Continue reading