About The Blog

So I know what you may be thinking.  What is this blog about and why should I care?

In short, this blog is a place where I can practice my writing with the intention of becoming an author.  You should care because I’ll post many stories to this blog and you will, hopefully, receive some enjoyment from them.  When I get a book published this will be the first place I’ll have giveaways.

Another question you might have is probably “Why have a blog at all?  Why not just keep to yourself?”

I have this blog for two main reasons.  The first being that I enjoy writing with the intention that other people may read it and enjoy it.  It’s just a cool feeling for me.  The second reason is Hugh Howey.  I love his work and I cannot argue with his success.   Recently in one of his blog entries, http://www.hughhowey.com/so-you-want-to-be-a-writer/, he made a list of things that he thought an aspiring writer would have to do to earn a living with their writing.  Practicing every day by writing to a public blog was the third point on his list.  I try to listen to successful people, so here I am.  I’m going to follow all of the points on his list and I believe with enough intelligent effort I will become able to live off of my words.

So here’s to the upcoming failures, criticisms and disappointments that are sure to come.  In the end it will all be nothing compared to success.  Wish me perseverance, I try not to rely on luck!