How to Use Scrivener to Format an e-Book for Kindle and Nook

Looking Forward to this! I’ve got something in the works, just like all you aspiring writers.

Writing Is Hard Work

You all know how I feel about Scrivener, but it is truly the best program for novelists out there.  For $49 it’s a steal and it is really not that complicated to use.  Today I thought I would show you how to format a Kindle .mobi file and an .epub file that is used on most other digital readers.

First thing is front matter. In the Scrivener “binder” which is the cool side bar on the left of your document, you have a place to insert front matter for an e-book.  This will include the copyright page, the title page and maybe a dedication.  Don’t bother with the cover art because you simply upload that file separately when you fill out the step by step on Amazon or Nook or Smashwords’s website.  You should get a front matter pull down tab in the binder and it should have an “e-book”…

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