Kissing Scene 4 Part 3

This is a continuation from Kissing Scene 4 Part 1 and Kissing Scene 4 Part 2. Click on the links to get caught up!

He expected her to scream, or to be slightly startled, but she just stopped chewing and looked straight at him. He was the only one that was startled.

She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. They were clear and alert, taking in every detail of his appearance. Even while strained by critical examination he thought they looked kind and gentle, but the color, the color was what took his breath away. They were deep purple with specks of copper that glittered in the light of the campfire. He felt himself fall away into her eyes. He stood still, waiting for some sign that she had understood that he wasn’t there to hurt her. A few moments passed, and then she covered her mouth with back of her left hand and shook her head. This was a well-known gesture.

By the king’s decree, all prostitutes were to have their tongues cut out.  The horror of the decree was felt by all the subjects and its implementation was slow, but consorting with a whore was punishable by death. No one dared to openly defend them. With an ever increasing segment of the female population becoming silent, a standardized sign indicating their profession as well as their permanent silence was quickly created.

Acknowledged, he walked across the smooth travertine floor and sat down as near the fire and the woman as he could stand. He couldn’t think of what to say. He’d been with prostitutes plenty of times before, but it was never to talk. At a loss for words, he just looked from the fire to the woman and back.

Then she offered him some bacon. It was still popping and crackling on the stick she had cooked it on. He smiled, took the food, and Half-starved he wolfed the salty meat down. He could feel the bacon burn all the way down his throat. It warmed him up from the inside and he began to talk. He didn’t have anything to say, he just talked to her while she cooked bacon for him.

He told her about his mother and father, about his dead son, about his life and lifestyle and thoughts on the universe. He talked for hours about everything he could think of. He didn’t care if she was even listening, although she appeared to be enraptured and burnt the bacon several times, he only cared about being near this woman. He didn’t know why he was so attracted to her, but he couldn’t get enough.

Eventually they ran out of bacon and he began to run out of things to talk about. He wished he could have heard her voice. There was so much more to learn about her. He began to ask her some simple yes/no questions. He learned that she wasn’t a mother, she was born someplace far away from the cave, and she hadn’t been a prostitute for very long. He even managed to spell out her name through trial and error. She was Sonya. Every time he learned something about Sonya, he loved saying her name, he felt closer to her in a spiritual way he had never felt before. Eventually he asked the question he had wanted to ask for hours.

“May I kiss you Sonya?”

She smiled a huge smile and lunged at him, embracing him in a big hug. He felt her small hands splayed against his back. They were delicate and so much smaller than his. She rested her chin on his left shoulder and their cheeks rubbed against one another. He hoped that his stubble wasn’t uncomfortable to her. She nuzzled his neck and then moved her face to his ear.

“Yes you may.” She whispered.

Terror hit him hard. He couldn’t believe that she had deceived him. He tried to push her away, but he couldn’t move his arms. He struggled and strained, but they wouldn’t obey him. He tried to run, but his legs betrayed him too. He noticed that even though he was mentally strained and feeling the terror coarse through his veins, his breathing was completely normal. His chest moved smoothly back and forth making shallow breaths.

His mind immediately went to thoughts of magic. There was no other way to explain this. It couldn’t be poison. What was going on!?! Then he smelled it. The putrid stench of rotten flesh had taken the place of the beautiful aroma of honey and flowers. He would have thrown up if he could have. It was so strong it burned his eyes and made tears flow down his cheeks.

Sonya pulled her head back and looked him at arm’s length. He was screaming inside. True fear overcoming any control he had over his mind. She looked nothing like she had by the fire. Her hair was falling out from her head, taking chunks of her scalp with it. Her nose was angular and broken, jutting out at a grotesque angle. Her left cheek was rubbed off, leaving black bone exposed between the bright red flesh. Her eyes, the same eyes he had been hypnotized with earlier, were swollen and brown. They stuck out from their sockets and were crossed, unable to focus on his face. Puss flowed from them like tears.

As she moved closer to him the smell intensified. His mind began to fade. He was aware of what was happening, but he could no longer comprehend what was going to happen. He was helpless to her magic. She leaned into him and kissed him. Her flesh was soft and wet. It readily parted under pressure, making him feel the underlying bone. She tasted vile. Maggots began to crawl into his mouth and throat. He was being choked by them, while she was extracting his soul from his body. He began to lose feeling in his toes, then his legs, then his chest. Finally, as he was choking on the bile and maggots, she ripped his soul from him.


Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I had a difficult weekend that I let impact my writing, but I’ll be okay!

To say a little about this “Scene”… I hate it.

I hate almost everything about it. I enjoyed the beginning, but I ended up getting behind on the blog as I was writing this “scene.” I think that I associate the personal failure, not posting every day, with this work and I’m sure that has negatively affected how I see it.

Something else that bothers me is the length. This thing is way too long to be a single scene. Three posts over like five days is just too long.

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