What the Future Will Hold

Hello everyone!

This is Ben again. This post is not going to have a fictional story in it unfortunately. It’s a dissapointing truth, but as a fledgling blogger/blog I need to work on creating an asthetically pleasing blogging environment with fluid posts and relevant widgets. Having very little experience with WordPress means that I have much to learn. Tweaking with blog settings, experimenting with reader breakes, trying to create or commission a logo all takes time away from writing. But have faith! I’ll be back on the fiction train in no time.  (Still gotta finish Kissing Scene 2 :X ) 

One thing that I’d like to start doing, starting this Sunday, is to write a “Week in Review.”  This would be a post where I read what I had written that week and talk about what I did well and what I think I need to improve on. These will be for me to read, but I’ll post them to keep myself acountable. I’m doing this to learn.  If you’d like to comment on any of them with your critiques then please do!

Something else that I’ve been wanting to do for a while is to write out my plan for the future. Not just for the blog, but my future writing career as well. So until I find out how to add a damn calander to this blog, here is a list of my writing plans for 2016.

Februray – Daily Kissing Scenes. I’ve posted two(ish) at this time. More to come.

March – Four weekly posts. Each post will be a 15+ pages and will consist of the beginning of a story.  No specific subject. Expect cliff hangers.

April – Potpourri. Daily short stories of unrestricted format, subject and length. Maybe some sassy poetry about things that bother me. Who knows?

May – One, 50+ page short story, broken down into four weekly posts. No specific subject.

June – Fantasy month. Four complete, 15+ page weekly short stories based on the fantast genera. Stories will include a beginning, middle and end.

July – Preporation for the Big Project.

Experiment month. This month will be dedicated to playing with style, dialog, characters, plot, etc. with the intention of identifying what story I am going to write in the following months, as well as how I’m going to write it. No hard writing schedule for this month.

August – Start the Big Project

Week 1 – Have the plot written down and completly understood.  Major plot points, plot twists, character deaths, minor plot points, locations, levels of technology, etc. should all be completly known and understood.

Week 3 through 4 – Write at least 18 pages a week.  Compare word counts of popular books with the word counts in word so you know how many pages of that size of book you will have written. These will be weekly posts and they will be monorly revised.

September – Write at least 18 pages a week.  These will be weekly posts and they will be minorly revised.

October – Write at least 18 pages a week.  These will be weekly posts and they will be minorly revised. 

November – Write at least 18 pages a week.  These will be weekly posts and they will be minorly revised.

December – Write at least 18 pages a week for the first two weeks.  These will be weekly posts and they will be minorly revised.

The second two weeks will probably be silent weeks on this blog. I plan on spending the time I would be working on this blog, revising and editing my book.  Once I feel that it is adequately revised I’ll get it published. Since I’ve never done this I obviously have no idea how long it will take. I’m not worried about it. I’ll have over 300 pages of 100% best effort writing done at this point. I’ve got pleanty of time.


It’s always important to plan ahead. I will continue to post on this blog after I finish my first book, but right now I don’t have a clue as to what I’ll say. 11 month’s is a long time to plan week by week. However, I do have a yearly plan. I’m not going to lie, I stole this plan directly from Hugh Howey’s post on his Blog.

“My plan was to write two novels a year for ten years before I ascertained whether or not I had a chance of making this work.”

Since I have basically never done this, I’m going to rip off of a successful author. And you know what? If I still suck ass at writing after writing 20 books over the course of 10 years, I won’t have a problem with quitting.

As always, thanks for reading, following, likeing and commenting. You guys are the best.


Best wishes,