Kissing Scene 2


Robert pulled into his parking spot almost exactly fifteen minutes earlier than they had planned. He was a man that hated to be late to even the most unimportant event. Being late for his date was definitely not an
option. This was going to be his third date with Lindsey. Date one was a first impression and didn’t mean much in a long term relationship. With most other women it was really just a good story to tell your family and friends. More often than not first dates were awkward or embarrassing. Not with Lindsey. The two of them had really hit it off from the start. 

The second date had gone even better. They had visited the local zoo early on a wonderful spring morning. Once it began to heat up they decided to grab some lunch at a local sandwich shop and from there they went over to a local science museum. The most memorable point was watching hair stand on end when she touched the Van de Graaff generator. It had made for a great picture. She was long and lean with long brown hair. She had light brown eyes that seemed to match her hair, a cute button nose and a thin, embarrassed smile on her face. He was embarrassed to admit it, but he had looked at that picture for far longer than a normal person would.

This date was going to be the deal breaker though. If date three went well, he really thought that the two of them could expect to have many more dates after that. If this date ended up being a dud then he was nervous she wouldn’t be interested in a fourth. Being nervous was to be expected when you were concerned about losing somebody that may become something very important to you.

He had decided to try and really wow her this time. He had made reservations at the Park Side Bistro, an unimaginative name since it was across the street from the largest park in town, and ordered a special bottle of sparkling pink wine. His reservations covered the three tables nearest the large west facing window. The sun may be a little bothersome just before sunset, but he was hoping that the sun setting across the lake in the park would make for a beautiful sight. He wanted to leave her with something that would really stick with her.

He stepped out of his Ford Fusion, dusted off his slacks and headed towards the restaurant. Just before he touched the door he saw her little red Honda roll into the parking lot. He wasn’t surprised. Lindsey liked being places early whenever she could help it. That was a positive for him. He wasn’t sure how long he would be able to live with a person that was chronically late.

He turned around and waited for her to park her car. It was mid-April and he was more than happy to sand outside. She stepped out of her car and he was pleasantly surprised. He wasn’t the only one that pulled all the stops for this date. She was gorgeous. She wore a black dress that showed off the little curves that she had. The neckline was cut to show just a little of her cleavage. It hung from her shoulders by thin straps and stopped just above her knees. Her curled hair tumbled down around her breasts. She was either wearing a strapless bra or no bra at all. He hoped the latter was true.

Once she saw him she waved. He waved right back. She walked slowly in her heels across the parking lot.

“Looks like you’re right on time.” She said once she was nearly to the door.

“You know me. Better never than late.” He said as he bent down slightly to give her a hug. Her perfume smelled wonderful. It reminded him of lemonade on a warm, white sand beach. The citrus and coconut was a wonderful combination that matched Lindsey’s positive and relaxed attitude. He broke away from the hug and opened the door for her.

“Go ahead beautiful.”

She rolled her eyes, but accepted his offer and walked inside. Once inside they were greeted by the host and escorted to their table. When Robert called to make the reservations he was very specific about the seating. To his delight, the instructions were followed perfectly. Instead of the three usual tables that sat under the large window, there was just a single table. The table had two ornate wooden chairs and was covered with a robin’s egg blue table cloth.  The only thing on the tablecloth was a small vase containing a single white iris.

They both took their seats and gave the host their drink orders. Ice tea for Robert and…



So far I really like this story.  It may be too soon to say so, but this feels a little easier than it did yesterday.  I appreciate all of your likes and I especially appreciate all the people that follow my blog.  You’re the best and you really encourage me to write every day.  THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope that all of you have a wonderful day.  I’ll see you tomorrow.



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